Become An Ethical SEO hero In Four Smart Ways

Any highly optimized website always tag the words search engine optimization or simply SEO along with it. This is because search engines are the main sources of website traffic plus they do the ranking of websites on the search result pages. This phenomenon caused mishandling of the system in many ways. Even an SEO hero nowadays results to such abuse just to drive his clients' websites to the top ranks.

All the more, the wearing of the black and gray SEO hats has encouraged tricks that infringe certain search engine rules. Whether this is done because of ignorance of its harmful effects or stark disobedience, these tactics are still done for the purpose of acquiring more website views.

The turn of the decade, changed the way web promotion was done. Search engines especially Google have set benchmark on how SEO should be observed. They matched this action with a decision to penalize the websites who will be caught red-handed.

Take Time To Research For The Best Set of Keywords

Keywords are king. They determine the future of your website. SEO history shows that search engines primarily depend on keywords when it comes to sorting and ranking web pages and websites. Both SEO heros and internet marketers know that some keywords may be very competitive meaning they can draw traffic and convert that traffic to real sales.


This shows how crucial thorough keyword research is. By means of online keyword tools, you will be able to spot the best sets of keywords for your niche.

Fill All Your Web Pages With Quality Content

Quality content does not only mean content that is keyword rich as this makes your website attractive to search engines only. It has to look attractive in the eyes of your readers too. How is this possible? Fill your website with helpful insights that offer your target customers solution to their current issues. Despite the fact that your website is
created to sell your products and services, remember that it has to be valuable to your customers too. Otherwise, there would not be enough reason for them to visit it.

Moreover, posting unique content falls under this reminder too. Going back to how search engines treat websites, the former underscores unique content as they index and rank websites. Search engines instant disregard websites guilty of spamming. Any SEO hero should know and avoid that.

Create Authority Backlinks

Certainly, any niche involves a network of related websites that could be for business and personal purposes. From websites which hold the same content as yours, you can create relevant backlinks. Simply take the time to leave comments along with your website's link on the pages of these websites.

Great backlinks could also be got by linking with authority websites that are known for the heavy traffic they accumulate and the online reputation they hold through the years. Blogs are one example of high ranking sites that can contribute potent backlinks to
your website.

Foster Your Online Presence Through Social Media Sites

The top social bookmarking sites that prove to be useful in promoting almost anything today are Facebook, My Space and Twitter. Their features create a good arena for building followers. Therefore, they are great backlinks and traffic generators.

Promoting websites through these web 2.0 sites is advantageous to an SEO expert as it is free of charge. It just requires online membership. But if you are after brief results, try how social media pay-per-click will work for your business website.